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Finally, the music you've been looking for.

Our mission is to give you the unique power of custom music to turn your film, commercial, or any other media from generic, into a masterpiece.

We pride ourselves in putting our passion and expertise together to compliment and boosts the quality of your content, and the best part… no royalty fees! And no Subscriptions!

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The Wizards Theme

Romantic Film Sample

Thriller Film Sample

The Perfect Sound for your Commercial Film Wedding Video Game Movie Documentary 


Your commercial is much more than a video, its an experience, and the right soundtrack will make all the difference. Let us craft a fantastic custom soundtrack that will take your commercial to the next level.


Music and film go hand in hand. We love film and would be so excited to create a soundtrack for your project.


Music is an essential part of any video game. The music sets the tone, it creates the atmosphere and it can enhance the whole gameplay experience.

Our Process

Steps to your custom soundtrack

Step 1: Discovery Call

A 30-minute Zoom call to get to know each other and hear about your project.

Step 2: Spotting Session

A longer meeting where we will view your project and discuss its specific needs to create original music.

Step 3: Beta Soundtrack Design

We take time and the knowledge we gained from the spotting session to put together a rough draft for your project.

Step 4: Beta Soundtrack Revision

We will present the beta soundtrack and gather your feedback.

Step 5: Soundtrack Finalization

We will take the feedback from the beta soundtrack and add the final touches.

Step 6: Delivery

We send you your finalized piece.

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Our Promise

Our goal is to provide the highest level of creativity and originality. We will keep in contact with all of our clients while providing our services in a timely manner. 

We promise to make your experience easy from start to finish.

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